Original Period Tracker: A Notion Template

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Track your periods with The Original Notion Period Tracker (ORIGINAL VERSION) and see notifications in the board and/or calendar view. The Notion Period Tracker by NellieNotion is the perfect tool to track your menstrual cycle and stay on top of your reproductive health.

Notion Period Tracker by NellieNotion is the original (first-ever) period tracker template created for Notion to automatically calculate:

  • your cycle
  • predicted period
  • ovulation
  • fertile window
  • days late/early

Watch the demo of The Original Notion Period Tracker

If you need more comprehensive period tracking, you can upgrade to the extended version 2.0. These are also original formulas created by NellieNotion such as the yearly estimates predictions, auto menstrual cycle phases, (including current), fertile days, birth control pill pack and much more.

The updated (extended) version 2.0 has all the functions of the free templates plus:

  • yearly period estimates
  • symptoms, mood, moon phase and med tracker for each day of your period.
  • averages and counts of your symptoms
  • sex log to let you know if you are ovulating at that time
  • birth control log with reminders.
  • birth control pill pack
  • discharge details for each day in your fertile window and discharge database.
  • spotting period view
  • menstrual cycle phases (automatic calculation)
  • mobile view

Watch the demo of Notion Period 2.0

Please make sure the Notion Period Tracker 2.0 box is selected if you want this version

If (for any reason) you do not receive the correct version, email me at jcwtemplates@gmail.com and I will immediately send you the correct version and update your Gumroad library.

You will receive a PDF with a Duplicate Template link after your purchase.

Easy-to-follow instructions are included with the template.

Listed on the official Notion templates site.

Thanks to my supporters for the updated suggestions!

I offer the original version and an extended version. Please select the version you would like. Both will automatically predict your period, ovulation, and fertile window. The extended version details are described in the description above.

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After purchasing this template you will be added to the Nellie Notion email list. You can unsubscribe at any time. However, you may lose out on upcoming template notifications and discount codes by unsubscribing.

May I duplicate this template to share with others? No, each template purchase will generate a unique license for personal use only, which you will find on your receipt.

However, if you'd like to create a template for resale using my period tracker database and formulas to automate the predicted period, fertile days, phases, ovulation etc.. then please reach out to me first at jcwtemplates@gmail.com.


This template estimates your fertile window and ovulation and is not a guarantee of pregnancy or birth control. The formula and information on this template are not medical advice. Talk to your doctor to plan pregnancy and find birth control that is right for you.

Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

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Original Period Tracker: A Notion Template

205 ratings
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