Spark Joy Inspired Organizer: Notion Template

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The Spark Joy Organizer: Notion Template is not just a set of guidelines for decluttering and organizing, it is a comprehensive resource that provides a complete solution to those who want to achieve a harmonious living environment. The template is inspired by the principles from 'Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo, a renowned expert in the field of organization and tidying. YouTube Video

The template offers a wide range of resources, checklists, and tracking tools to support users in their organizing journey:

  • Belongings Tracker (with separate trackers for clothing, books, papers/digital, misc., and sentimental)
  • Gratitude Journal (also with separate trackers for clothing, books etc...)
  • Daily habits Tracker
  • Maintenance/Task Tracker
  • Storage and Donations Databases
  • Rooms & Areas Database
  • Finance Tracker with guides on how to manage your money using the Spark Joy Method
  • Inspiration Board
  • Resources Database
  • Helpful Guides on how to use the template and use the Spark Joy Method
  • Community Forum

With a range of databases, including belongings, storage solutions, gratitude journal, and donation tracker, the template helps you track and manage your possessions effectively. Whether you're tackling clothing, books, papers, or sentimental items, the template offers actionable steps and encourages the cultivation of daily habits for maintaining tidiness. Experience the joy of an organized space and create a harmonious living environment with the Notion Spark Joy Organizing Template.

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Spark Joy Inspired Organizer: Notion Template

9 ratings
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